BOL Episode 1059

On this episode they talked about two major points: the new 3D plasma screens, production of larger flat screen televisions. While discussing the new 3D plasma televisions some important ideas were brought up.  If Sony does come out with the 3D TV then consumers will have nothing to watch because the program makers can’t make it because there is no technology and shows would have to use new dimensions when they shoot.  In the future 3D TV might become apart of every home just like HD but for now viewers with 3D will have nothing to watch due to the fact programs will not be available. Movies would be the only available thing for customers to watch on their new television sets. For the directors they would have to come up with different ways to produce 3D. The reasoning for this is because most individuals are very sensitive or even get sick from 3D television. Also when watching 3D viewers need to have perfect vision, which most people don’t have.

The next topic on the blog was the production of larger flat screen televisions.  EPA is saying that if and individual is going to buy a 50’ or larger plasma then they will have to get an energy star sticker and they will be a lot harder to get. Hopefully the EPA will base the energy on voltage and not size. Anything over 50 inches with a 40% greater efficiency must get an energy star rating and that will make the viewer have a higher energy bill. I think this is a great idea and will help save energy sources throughout America. Individuals just don’t realize how much energy large plasma screens take up. So by implementing the energy star sticker, energy will be saved and distributed to those who use the most of it.


2 Responses to “BOL Episode 1059”

  1. Econ Group 5 Says:

    I am actually excited about the 3D televisions. There will be more to them than merely watching movies or tv programs…there will be 3D games! They say the playstation 3 will play a role in the 3D tvs, so perhaps with an upgrade of some sort you can play your games in 3D or even convert your bluray player to a 3D bluray player?! Sony has also signed up a tv station or two that will assist in pushing out 3D programs for the new tvs, and they are also trying to stream 3D video from the internet. I believe as with most new things, when they just come out, that there may be a low number of games/shows to view on the tv, but that with time, just like the bluray players, you will find material everywhere.

    Econ – Group 5

  2. bmba509grp3 Says:

    A technology’s appearance could not be worldwide standard without relative technologies. For example, 3G cell phone would be senceless without wireless technology. Nevertheless, maybe someday it could be adopted by people while other technologies are keeping pace with it. After all, sony’s goal of promote the 3D TV is not making profit from the sale of 3D TV. It just wants to tell people it has the most advanced technologies and is outstanding in its competitors, so that people will trust it and buy products of Sony Brand instead of other brands.

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