Buzz Out Loud 9/19/09

Apple said NO to Google Voice application because it duplicates the core mobile telephone functionality.  Google Voice is a free service that is made mainly for business consumers with multiple telephone numbers. Although Google Voice is still in a testing phase, it can consolidate up to six phone lines in total. According to Apple the company has the right to reject any applications that may prove harmful to the iPhone.  The FCC is involved to determine what if any right Apple has to reject this application.  According to the Washington Post, dated Saturday, September 19, 2009, Julius Genachowski, FCC Chairman, will introduce new regulations preventing telecommunications, cable and wireless companies from controlling or “gatekeeping” the internet.  All of this is due to the incident with Google and Apple concerning the rejection of Google Voice.


One Response to “Buzz Out Loud 9/19/09”

  1. bmba509grp3 Says:

    Apple company’s products are mostly for entertainment. Its rejection to Google Voice told us their consumers might not be interested in it. Apple has already accounted for the most market share, and what they want is to meet its existing customers and keep them enjoying their services.

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