Buzz Outloud 9/24/09

One of the topics discussed in this podcast is the rollout of real MMS on the iPhone on Friday September 25. MMS will go live and be available to download on iTunes. It is said that insiders at AT&T are scared that this feature is going to overload their network. In limited testing, they saw almost a 40 percent jump in traffic. iPhone users on average use about 50 percent more data than the average smart phone user. This is most likely going to flood the network. Most users are already having voicemail issues, and the MMS is likely only going to cause more. AT&T really cannot afford to have another huge issue and if the MMS feature goes bad, it is going to cause problems for them. AT&T has been trying to cover up the bad press about them by saying that they are “upgrading” towers in markets.

After researching through several different news articles, I found that during tests AT&T’s MMS servers failed for many people invited to participate in the test. Many are saying that it is most likely that problems won’t start to pop up until Saturday since users have to sync their phone in iTunes with the new “carrier file”.  The problems that iPhone users experience may also bleed to non iPhone users. AT&T claims that the majority of the $18billion it will spend this year will be on upgrades to meet the demands of the 3G network. As an AT&T customer, I know I will be very upset if the rollout of MMS for the iPhone causes problems to bleed to non iPhone users. I chose not to purchase an iPhone because of all the problems I heard about from friends with them. ATT&T should not have made the MMS feature available if they had suspicion that is was going to cause more problems. They should have spend the money to upgrade the network first, and made sure that there weren’t going to be any major problems.



Additional information can be found here


2 Responses to “Buzz Outloud 9/24/09”

  1. bmba509grp3 Says:

    Actually, I don’t like my experience of buying a cell phone while arriving in the USA. I can’t choose the the style I want because every wireless company has different cel phone models. Their cooperation with cell phone company give consumers too many restrictions to make more profits. And the contrast that consumers make with AT&T is unfair because AT&T earns too much more from the contracts than the discount for the cell phone.

  2. misgroup9 Says:

    I don’t have an iPhone (I’m a blackberry man) but it really does seem that all you hear is negative press about them. A lot of people I know use them and hate them. How could AT&T and Apple roll out a phone, market it as the “it” phone, and leave out a feature as basic as MMS? I didn’t hear about a lot problems when the iPhone became MMS-compatible recently. My guess is Apple was just in a hurry to get the product on shelves, they put it out there and just decided to offer it later. Seems to have been a good idea since the iPhone is so popular. Travis Kelly Group 9

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