Buzz Outloud 9/30/09

During this podcast the Apple Tablet and then internet were the main topics of discussion. The Apple Tablet is making consumers wonder if it is hype worthy. Apple plans on introducing this tablet in Jan 2010. One thing to keep in mind is that if it is an Apple product it will be expensive. Also, since nobody has seen the product it can only be compared to the Kendal DX. The Kendal DX is another tablet product that has been used in a top school such as Harvard but failed. The Apple Tablet will let consumers be able to look at magazines with pictures and also let them take notes in the margin. If this product does come into production then it will inevitably upset the textbook business for college students. Why would students need to buy high priced textbooks when they could download them on iTunes? If Apple does produce the Apple Tablet it will be very useful in today’s society. Another major topic was about the internet and how the government has relaxed their control over it. It makes users wonder if it was a good or bad decision. The government says that the internet could function in a free state. But, some people wonder about protection and other major factors that involve the internet.

Next, there was a discussion about how the internet is the biggest advertiser in the UK, taking over TV. Some express the reasoning for this is because the internet is cheaper and newer. But the question is raised about whether it is fair to compare internet advertising to television advertising. The reason for this is because the internet has so many other outlets which include: email, video, classifieds and much more.


3 Responses to “Buzz Outloud 9/30/09”

  1. bmba509grp3 Says:

    Most young people prefer to spend their spare time on computers or laptops instead of TV. But TV is one of the needful household electrical appliances. Most householders would like to lay on the sofa watching TV with controllers on their hands. Maybe computers would substitude TV someday, but not recently!

    • bmba509grp5says: Says:

      It is true that most young people do spend more time on computers than laptops. However, it is questionable whether advertising works better via the internet or tv. On tv, most people who watch tv seem to be more likely to watch the commercials on a given show that they are watching. However, when on the internet, individuals are much more likely to delete or overlook any form of advertising. I know I treat internet advertising as an irritating diversion from the reason i am on the internet.

  2. MISGroup9 Says:

    The issue of government’s control over Internet is quite controversial. On one hand, there is need for protection and all the issues related to this. On the other hand, it is not easy to decide how far it is ok to go with these issues. So, it is quite expected to have a lot of discussions regarding this issue, it is also expected to have a wide range of opinions on this topic. It would be interesting to see the ratio of people in favor and against this new change.

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