Buzz Outloud episode 1081

Discussed several topics concerning e-book readers, Mac’s Snow Leopard, iPhone by AT&T, Computer memory glitches, Microsoft Office 2010 pricing, Two issues were discussed on  security issues.  The first issue discusses Comcast and the ability to monitor your PC for malware and Bots that may be affecting your computer.  Comcast will send you a message stating you have the potential for an infection. The service is called Comcast Constant Guard,the “Service Notice” will include a link to a Comcast security Web site where customers can follow a set of instructions to remove the malware from their computer, according to Elinor Mills from Insecurity Complex. There is a certain amount of trust factor that goes with this according to Blog commentary.  How much does Comcast watch my PC?  Is this some kind of PC Profiling that is going on also?  These were other questions discussed during the Blog.  However, after reading the information from Mills in the Insecurity Complex, I would agree with the fact this is a great service being provided by an ISP that will help residential computer users in preventing these infections.  In addition, this is paving the way for a new niche for Comcast in the business/IT world.

The second issue discussed included Pressure sensitive keyboards.  This type of biometrics can help in providing additional security when keying in your password information.  The keyboard would measure your keystroke pressure to prevent others from using your password to get into your computer.  The concept is great, however, do we always use the same pressure each time to key in our password.  What happens when your hands are full and you use just one hand to key in?  The question remains will it keep even you out of your own computer.  Biometrics will play a key role in security applications in the future, but further development is still needed.


2 Responses to “Buzz Outloud episode 1081”

  1. bmba509grp5says: Says:

    This is an intersting idea for comcast to dive off into customer computer safety/security. There will be many potential customers that will have questions as to whether or I should say what else comcast is doing besides providing computer security against potential virus. There will be customers that will assume that comcast will also have the ability to monitor computer usage, which can open up an entirely new issue. It does appear to be a good idea, but there will be many questions, and it will be interesting to see what comes of this.

  2. misgroup9 Says:

    I agree a pressure-sensitive keyboard seems very unlikely to work well. I’m tired right now and I know I’m resting more on the keyboard than I normally would. Wouldn’t a keyboard that can identify and recognize fingerprints be more effective?? Travis Kelly Group 9

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