BOL Episode 1083

T-Mobile customers are outraged because there has been an outage on the T-Mobile sidekick for over a week now. T-Mobile uses “cloud services” and user’s data is hosted on a server. Some customers discovered personal information and contacts missing and when they tried to restart their phone or take the battery out and reset it, which usually fixes the issue, they still could not recover their data. Once T-Mobile discovered this, they urged customers not to turn off their phones and not to take the batteries out. T-Mobile originally offered customers a free month of data service to make up for customers outrage and now they are offering a $100 “customer appreciation award” if you cannot recover your data. Microsoft is not concerned with taking any of the blame even though they own Danger, which is the company that hosts the data for the Sidekick. Microsoft only bought out Danger for project Pink, and the loss of Sidekick customers’ data could be potentially harmful to Microsoft’s Pink if customers find out Microsoft owns Danger. After the T-Mobile incident who would trust Microsoft to host data for their phones? T-Mobile has now suspended sales of the Sidekick online and in retail outlets as Microsoft and Danger work to resolve the issue. I can see why T-Mobile customers are outraged. The loss of contacts and other personal information has impacted customers business and personal lives. However, this could happen with any company that uses a similar data hosting service. Customers should not depend solely on companies like Microsoft to host their data as a backup. Customers should use remote storage devices to also back up their data.

Another issue discussed was the use of Lossless audio files vs. Mp3 files. Some artists are now beginning to offer their albums in a regular version and a Lossless version. Lossless compression does not sacrifice any signal fidelity and all the quality of the original music/ audio signal is retained. Mp3 is only supposed to be taking out the things you cannot hear. There is a perceived difference of quality in Lossless and only audio freaks will care about it or be able to notice it. The Lossless versions cost more than other versions. I know that I would not be able to tell the difference therefore I would be unwilling to pay the extra money for Lossless. I am satisfied with the quality of Mp3s.


2 Responses to “BOL Episode 1083”

  1. BMBA509 Group 5 Says:

    I have my phone data stored on an internal chip, so I can easily transfer my data over to another phone, my computer, or even print pics off of it on my printer. It is a miniSD, and so is extremely compatible with tons of other devices. It comes with a converter which it slides into making it a normal SD card. I’m not sure why all phones would not utilize this type of storage instead of paying for a company to host it’s cell phone user’s contacts? To me personal information like that is best when it’s storage and deletion is the responsibility of the user and not a third party.

  2. ulmgrp7 Says:

    I agree. I know Verizon tried to make it up to their customers, but they could have done more. For such a drastic problem, they needed a pretty drastic solution! Many of their customers probably had service with another company before they fixed the problem!

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