BOL 10/23/09

In the podcast for Friday October 23, 2009 to issues were talked about, the new Microsoft windows 7 and also how the French have passed a three strikes law that will disconnect the Internet if accused three times of piracy. Windows 7 seems to truly be good for Microsoft.  Microsoft is reportedly making 3.5 billion in revenue at this point. But, Microsoft is continuing to make other electronic devices because if they stuck with just operating systems they would loose revenue because the money people pay for operating systems is going to die out. Also discussed was how the European commission has not yet approved the conversion of Microsoft 7.

Next France has a constitution council that discusses the three strikes policy. The first time they tried to pass this law, the politicians decided you can’t cut off someone’s internet. Amendment 138 allowed people to have privacy on the internet but now it has been ditched in committee. Europeans are upset that the government would pass this.  Most Europeans think that this law will really not affect people. Some use the example its like trying to fight terrorism with military force, it will not work. Another issue about this topic is how the council can prove pirating with wifi these days. Some people are not at there computer! Plus it’s so much work to have to send out letters and prosecute people!! Most Europeans do not think that this law will be effective. Cutting off someone’s internet is not an appropriate punishment for a person pirating. Some feel like the government is using this to make an example out of people. All that would happen to the person, is a letter would be sent out for the first time to address the issue of pirating, and then he/she would stop. Time will tell if this law will ever be enforced


3 Responses to “BOL 10/23/09”

  1. misgroup9 Says:

    In my opinion this law passed in France is going to be useless. Like you said, it will be a lot of work to simply make an example out of only a few people. The problem of file-sharing is so huge, there’s no way this will make much of a difference. People are going to do it. Even if the gov. cuts off their internet, they’ll just use someone else’s. Travis Kelly Group 9

  2. ulmgrp7 Says:

    Yeah, it kinda sounds like time wasted to me. All the time and effort put in to making this law is wasted, and could have been used to make a law that can be enforced, or not try to enforce a law at all. At least it gives some type of awareness to the issue at hand.

  3. bmba509grp3 Says:

    Yes, I think windows 7 is really good for microsoft. The three strikes law that passed in France is not useful, and people will not care about this law.People will just find a way to do it. I do not think the law can settle this big problem.

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