BOL Episode 1096

 Judge rules that email is not protected by 4th amendment rights.  Basically, this is information that one already knew in the work place.  However, this deals with emails from home.  Once you email from your home that email goes to an ISP server.  Therefore the judge says that if the ISP owner can see it, the email is no longer private.  Should there be a law enforcement’s request to see the emails, there is no constitutional requirement of notice to the owner of the email.  Once you email and send it, it is no longer in your physical home and therefore not protected by 4th amendment rights.

Encryption was discussed as a way of “privatizing” the email but even that has draw backs because 1)once the email is sent it is not in your home, 2) ISP server can see it and 3) one would think there is a reasonable expectation of security .   There is no security with emailAccording to the this blog there should be “A NEW LAW” pertaining to email medium.  Currently the only law referred to in this blog is DMCA which states you cannot break encryption. In addition, more and more people are using IM and Twitter due to the fact email is fundamentally insecure.  This is breaking news for email users.


3 Responses to “BOL Episode 1096”

  1. misgroup9 Says:

    There has been a lot of talk about the governemnt monitoring email as a way to fight terrorism. While I admit it does feel like an invasion of privacy and violation of civil rights for the gov. to see our emails, I feel like there are certain rights we are just going to have to sacrifice in order to ensure others. If you’re not hiding anything, why should you really care if the gov. looks at your emails? Travis Kelly Group 9

  2. bmba509grp3 Says:

    I never thought that there is security about email. Government can get your email any time they want. Though most people do not care if comebodyelse has seen their email. Because there is not many things to hide. If there is very important things need to deliver, I think they wll not use email. So email is still a good way for everyday connection.

  3. Group 5 Says:

    Well I have always known not to send confidential information via email, since it will no longer be confidential.

    I never really thought about actually getting in trouble regarding an email however. I guess that’s because I have never emailed anything that I thought might violate any laws or cause me to even want to say it’s my ‘constitutional right’. I just don’t use email for those types of reasons.

    I’m unsure on how I feel about the monitoring emails for terrorism purposes. I like my privacy, but like I said…emails are not private. I guess if I could trust the ‘privacy’ would only be broken in matters of national security, that I wouldn’t mind, but it is when that reasons are given and the information is used for other purposes that makes me not like the idea, and we all know it happens.

    – Group 5

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