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BOL 1114

November 29, 2009

WikiLeaks is offering pager communications intercepted from September 11, 2001. You can see what information/misinformation was being passed around. Pagers are fairly simple to hack and intercept messages. Hook up a modified pager to a Windows machine and then intercept, its similar to a police scanner. There is a lot of personal information in these pages, like personal phone numbers and the names of children and family members. Gives a lot of insight into how the government continuity plan worked.

 Blackberry finally got a free EBay application. Maybe tied into black Friday and they wanted to increase shopping.

 In the State of New York, The New York Post reports that the Amber Alert system and New York’s Emergency Management Office have a system called NYC notify that is going to be tested on the Xbox 360. If you are online and connected and an emergency happens you will be notified. Should be like the alerts you get on your television. It could be a good idea depending on how they use it. The game will pause and a warning about imminent danger will appear on the screen. Eventually if everything goes well they want to make it a regular part of the way the console works and you will not be able to opt out.

 An online dating service measured the attractiveness of their submitters versus message traffic. Women rated 80% of the men as worse than medium looking whereas the men made an almost perfect bell curve saying that half the women were most attractive and half the women were least attractive. Men are much more likely to send messages to the most attractive women, and women are more likely to send messages to men who are slightly less than average looking.


11/20/09 BOL

November 21, 2009

A new operating system will be available from Google in late 2010 called Chrome OS for netbooks.  It is basically a plug and play operating system that is  browser based.  All the applications are virtually on a cloud, Very little if anything is actually stored on the computer itself.  The files you save are available to you if you use another computer.  Some storage capability is available through HTML 5.

 Some of the pros of this operating system developed by Google is the backup is good.  You no longer have to worry about your computer crashing and losing everything.  You can access your information from any computer because of it being stored in a cloud.  It functions more like a browser with an operating system and is very fast

 Some cons about the operating system is that the data is not “owned” by you anymore. You may feel a loss of control over your data.  In addition, there is a single point of failure with this type of data storage. However, your data won’t die in a fire.  This operating system will change the way businesses will offer browser based applications.  Not sure how all that will work. 

All in all the new notebook operating system, Chrome OS, looks great.  It is designed with tabs of your favorite sites at the top of the page.  You can have multiple browsers opened at one time and access your data anywhere.  Microsoft is working on applications like excel and word that can be accessed through this operating system without having to purchase a suite of office products.

BOL 11/3/09

November 14, 2009

This discussion is from Buzz Out Loud on Friday November 13, 2009. This Podcasts discusses how Dell is launching a smart phone. Consumers wonder if it is going to be profitable. Also, this podcast talks about the pros and cons of  Comcast and their new TV everywhere.

Dell has decided to launch a new smart phone. It will debut in China and it will run on the Google android operating system. It will be a Dell branded phone shipped here then back to China. After looking at photos of the smart phone, it looks like a Palm Pre. The hosts conclude that it is most likely made by HPC. The mini three will use O-phone and will not have Wi-Fi because China does not allow Wi-Fi . It will also be sold in Brazil, but China will get it first. Obviously this is a big trend by business to promote there product somewhere other then the U.S. to make a bigger profit. The O-phone is a China version of android. Some say it is yet another android phone that will be great.

Comcast has decided that there TV everywhere will be able to access the video stream of all or most of all the channels they get on regular TV to there computer screen or mobile phone. All you have to do it take laptop and register it to the application then as long as your on the internet for Comcast you can access channels. But there can only be 3 devices per home. They are afraid because they want to restrict you from passing around the password. The problem with this is that Comcast is a family service and most families have more than 3 individuals living in their household. So I guess consumers will have to make the decision about Comcast on their own or wait until further options are available.

BOL 1097

November 5, 2009

The first issue discussed in this episode airing 11/2/09 was claiming they had signed an “exclusive” deal to sell the Beatles music for $0.25 per Mp3. is a US-based site offering high-quality streams of full albums as well as downloads for $0.25 a track. The commentators on the show mentioned that a spokesperson for the Beatles said that no deal had been signed, and the commentators joked about how long it would take for a lawsuit to be filed. A web search done later in the day revealed that the Beatles record label, EMI, was suing for selling Beatles songs without permission. The Beatles catalog is famous because it has never been licensed for sale as digital downloads.

The commentators then mentioned a recent study that had been done on filesharers. The study indicated that filesharers spend more money on music than anyone else. It showed that filesharers may spend up to 75% more on music than those who don’t share files. The commentators think this is because music enthusiasts will sometimes download illegally to sample music and then purchase the album to have a higher quality version. Only 10% of the respondents in this survey admitted to illegal downloading. Many more people are purchasing music today instead of downloading illegally because of the sound quality, and the risk of viruses make downloading illegally not worth it anymore.

DVRs and their ability to help improve ratings were discussed later in the show. DVRs have helped some marginal shows become hits. Some networks have had ratings increases of 20% when DVR playback was included. When DVRs first came out, many companies were afraid it would kill television because people would no longer watch commercials. It has been proven however, that nearly half of all people still watch commercials. Neilson ratings show that 46% of viewers aged 18-49 on all networks watch commercials during DVR playback.