BOL 1097

The first issue discussed in this episode airing 11/2/09 was claiming they had signed an “exclusive” deal to sell the Beatles music for $0.25 per Mp3. is a US-based site offering high-quality streams of full albums as well as downloads for $0.25 a track. The commentators on the show mentioned that a spokesperson for the Beatles said that no deal had been signed, and the commentators joked about how long it would take for a lawsuit to be filed. A web search done later in the day revealed that the Beatles record label, EMI, was suing for selling Beatles songs without permission. The Beatles catalog is famous because it has never been licensed for sale as digital downloads.

The commentators then mentioned a recent study that had been done on filesharers. The study indicated that filesharers spend more money on music than anyone else. It showed that filesharers may spend up to 75% more on music than those who don’t share files. The commentators think this is because music enthusiasts will sometimes download illegally to sample music and then purchase the album to have a higher quality version. Only 10% of the respondents in this survey admitted to illegal downloading. Many more people are purchasing music today instead of downloading illegally because of the sound quality, and the risk of viruses make downloading illegally not worth it anymore.

DVRs and their ability to help improve ratings were discussed later in the show. DVRs have helped some marginal shows become hits. Some networks have had ratings increases of 20% when DVR playback was included. When DVRs first came out, many companies were afraid it would kill television because people would no longer watch commercials. It has been proven however, that nearly half of all people still watch commercials. Neilson ratings show that 46% of viewers aged 18-49 on all networks watch commercials during DVR playback.


2 Responses to “BOL 1097”

  1. Group 5 Says:

    There are many filesharing sites out there, but like you mentioned, whether using it for legal or illegal purposes many of them are hardly worth the bother because of the viruses and malware that accompany them.

    Simply having the download client installed on your computer opens up the door to having spyware overload your pc.

    I think that music has become very reasonable to simply purchase online. Especially now that you can purchase individual songs instead of an entire album, that way you are not wasting money on the additional tracks that you don’t even care about.

    – Group 5

  2. griffingroup6 Says:

    File sharing still is a persistent activity, though, which i think is not going to stop anytime soon. There are software and websites and programs that easily let you share music and movies. The biggest one right now is the program called Torrent. I would have to write a whole essay about it, though, so i wont explain here. But really, you can have a decent antivirus software, and viruses and malware threat can be easily eliminated.

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