BOL 11/3/09

This discussion is from Buzz Out Loud on Friday November 13, 2009. This Podcasts discusses how Dell is launching a smart phone. Consumers wonder if it is going to be profitable. Also, this podcast talks about the pros and cons of  Comcast and their new TV everywhere.

Dell has decided to launch a new smart phone. It will debut in China and it will run on the Google android operating system. It will be a Dell branded phone shipped here then back to China. After looking at photos of the smart phone, it looks like a Palm Pre. The hosts conclude that it is most likely made by HPC. The mini three will use O-phone and will not have Wi-Fi because China does not allow Wi-Fi . It will also be sold in Brazil, but China will get it first. Obviously this is a big trend by business to promote there product somewhere other then the U.S. to make a bigger profit. The O-phone is a China version of android. Some say it is yet another android phone that will be great.

Comcast has decided that there TV everywhere will be able to access the video stream of all or most of all the channels they get on regular TV to there computer screen or mobile phone. All you have to do it take laptop and register it to the application then as long as your on the internet for Comcast you can access channels. But there can only be 3 devices per home. They are afraid because they want to restrict you from passing around the password. The problem with this is that Comcast is a family service and most families have more than 3 individuals living in their household. So I guess consumers will have to make the decision about Comcast on their own or wait until further options are available.


2 Responses to “BOL 11/3/09”

  1. bmba509grp3 Says:

    The smart phone sounds to be very interesting.It will debut in China, because there is a big market in China. but there is WI-FI in China, i think. the transfer of vedio stream sounds very attractive. But there is some limite that makes this not very easy to use. I still think that there will be a good future for this new phone.

  2. Group 5 Says:

    I love the idea that Comcast has for the TV, that would be great for me to be able to log into my comcast account online and be able to access my TV channels via my cell phone.

    I just hope I won’t have the same ‘streaming’ issues you experience today when trying to view video online, laggy performance. I don’t see how they will avoid this however, until faster speeds are offered via the cellphone.

    Perhaps Comcast could eventually offer to expand the 3 device limit to more for an additional fee, in the cases for households needing more.

    – Group 5

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