11/20/09 BOL

A new operating system will be available from Google in late 2010 called Chrome OS for netbooks.  It is basically a plug and play operating system that is  browser based.  All the applications are virtually on a cloud, Very little if anything is actually stored on the computer itself.  The files you save are available to you if you use another computer.  Some storage capability is available through HTML 5.

 Some of the pros of this operating system developed by Google is the backup is good.  You no longer have to worry about your computer crashing and losing everything.  You can access your information from any computer because of it being stored in a cloud.  It functions more like a browser with an operating system and is very fast

 Some cons about the operating system is that the data is not “owned” by you anymore. You may feel a loss of control over your data.  In addition, there is a single point of failure with this type of data storage. However, your data won’t die in a fire.  This operating system will change the way businesses will offer browser based applications.  Not sure how all that will work. 

All in all the new notebook operating system, Chrome OS, looks great.  It is designed with tabs of your favorite sites at the top of the page.  You can have multiple browsers opened at one time and access your data anywhere.  Microsoft is working on applications like excel and word that can be accessed through this operating system without having to purchase a suite of office products.


3 Responses to “11/20/09 BOL”

  1. bmba509grp3 Says:

    Chrome OS for netbooks sounds like a really cool system. But I do not think it will work well for most people. Because the os based on the web browser, that means everything is not stored on your computer, which makes alot security problem. And network is not served any time any where. So i doubt that the Chrome OS’s future.

  2. Group 5 Says:

    Not having to worry about crashes making you lose everything is a big plus, but I think your options will be limited on this type of OS.

    For those not wanting to use it for the basics, this may work beautifully, but for others I think it may not have as much flexibility as will be desired.

    I am also not sure about not ‘owning’ my data. That is one thing I love about my computer, I can save my data to it, then put it on an external drive…store that somewhere else, and there’s my back-up, and it’s mine.

    As I mentioned before though, for some just looking for simple and safe options, this sounds like a good option for them, I’m just not so sure it would be an option I would choose.

    – Group 5

  3. griffingroup6 Says:

    Chrome OS will be a good one to use. BUT of course, the ownership and privacy issues will be determining factors in how many people will eventaully use it. Also, the problem i think is easy accessibility to your stuff. You have to have internet connection to get to your stuff. That could be a negative point.

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