BOL 1114

WikiLeaks is offering pager communications intercepted from September 11, 2001. You can see what information/misinformation was being passed around. Pagers are fairly simple to hack and intercept messages. Hook up a modified pager to a Windows machine and then intercept, its similar to a police scanner. There is a lot of personal information in these pages, like personal phone numbers and the names of children and family members. Gives a lot of insight into how the government continuity plan worked.

 Blackberry finally got a free EBay application. Maybe tied into black Friday and they wanted to increase shopping.

 In the State of New York, The New York Post reports that the Amber Alert system and New York’s Emergency Management Office have a system called NYC notify that is going to be tested on the Xbox 360. If you are online and connected and an emergency happens you will be notified. Should be like the alerts you get on your television. It could be a good idea depending on how they use it. The game will pause and a warning about imminent danger will appear on the screen. Eventually if everything goes well they want to make it a regular part of the way the console works and you will not be able to opt out.

 An online dating service measured the attractiveness of their submitters versus message traffic. Women rated 80% of the men as worse than medium looking whereas the men made an almost perfect bell curve saying that half the women were most attractive and half the women were least attractive. Men are much more likely to send messages to the most attractive women, and women are more likely to send messages to men who are slightly less than average looking.


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