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BOL 12-2-09

December 4, 2009

The podcast is from Buzz Out Loud on December 2, 2009. In this podcast they discuss many new stories that have surface in the past week. First, Google has decided to alter the news indexing to accommodate pay walls. Google has a program where anybody had a pay wall up such as Wall Street Journal could still have there content indexed. Google will let the first click off of Google be free off of wall street journal. So people started figuring out that if they wanted to read a journal for free all they have to do is click on Google to read journals for free. Now, Google and the newspaper came up with the five count rule so now individuals can only view five free journals. Other websites have robot files that allow people to read journals for up to the maximum limit and cookies will make them pay after that limit is reached. Next, in the annual consumer reports have ranked all carriers in customer satisfaction which surveys fifty thousand people and AT&T came in dead last over all. Verizon Wireless came in above average and T-mobile came in at average. Many think AT&T gave up on there customer service but AT&T said that those customers aren’t going anywhere. But many say the reason behind this due to high costs for leaving contract early. Obviously AT&T needs to be more concerned with the customers and try to find ways to improve their ratings.